Data-Blitz Node.js

Data-Blitz Agency Node.js Consultants

Data-Blitz uses a Polyglot approach for implementation. In other words, many of the Data-Blitz internal components are implemented using different open source projects, in different processing languages and are executed on separate runtimes. We at Data-Blitz have found that Node.js is best suited to operate in this heterogeneous component environment. Hence, we have taken the time to understand Node.js.

Data-Blitz Agency understands Node.js

  • understands the Node.js event loop
  • understands concurrency, and how to efficiently distribute processing in multi-core environments
  • understands web-facing components and mainstream packages like Express and others
  • understands various middleware and model-view-controller frameworks, like AngularJS and alike
  • understands real-time data access methods using Node.js clients for real-time and batch oriented databases.
  • has up-to-date knowledge of available Node.js packages
  • comes with an array of plugins for IDE’s which enforce consistency across many coding and testing activities.
  • understands asynchronous functional programming
  • understands “Promises” and when to use them
  • comes with a wealth of knowledge gained through experience building commercial Node.js applications

All Data-Blitz Agency consultants have a dotted line access to the Data-Blitz Core Brain trust. If there is ever an issue or question about Node.js usage or anything else for that matter, the Data-Blitz Core Brain trust will help assist in determining the correct course of action.

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