Data-Blitz Agency

Data-Blitz Agency is the consulting arm of Data-Blitz inc; makers of the Data-Blitz processing framework. Data Blitz is a modern data processing platform that greatly simplifies building web-scale applications that can reason against PetaBytes of data, in real-time. The Data-Blitz platform uses and exposes, modern processing techniques in a consistent way.

Data-Blitz is built on the following technologies:

  • Node.js for performant functional programming
  • Apache Kafka for real-time messaging
  • Apache Storm for real-time massively parallel processing
  • Apache Zookeeper for real-time cluster control.
  • Dev/Ops with Docker and Kubernetes

Polyglot Databases:

  • Couchbase
  • MongoDB
  • ElasticSearch/Solr/Lucene
  • Cosmos / Big Query / DocumentDB et al
  • Postgres / AlloyDB (GCP)
  • Hadoop Eco System, including Spark

In the process of building Data-Blitz, we have created a culture around the above technologies. Creating this culture was no easy task. Finding people who really understand MPP and Big Data as it pertains to the above technologies was hard. We found lots of people who have read the book and at most worked through the examples. With this meager understanding of our underlying core technologies in the marketplace, we gave up trying to find real knowledgeable talent. We realize that we had to grow it. Hence, we’ve built the Data-Blitz Boot Camp. So now we look for good people who are easy to work with, smart ,and absolutely love with they’re doing. We pay for each consultant/engineer to work through the Data-Blitz Boot Camp. The result as a resource that thoroughly understands modern Stream oriented, noSql processing systems.
Based on the growing demand for Resources understanding modern data processing systems, we have created sabbatical opportunities for our internal software engineers to work with remote clients.

Our software engineers grow and get to see exactly how our clients use technology. Clients get the best software delivered in the fastest time. This is what separates us from other consulting shops. Our account executives completely understands the cause-and-effect for the technologies we support.


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