Maximize Your Cloud Investment.

We believe that in order to thrive in today’s marketplace organizations need to
capture, analyze, and exploit data on their terms and in real time.

Changing the way you think about data and processing.

We do this by using existing organizational data flows reducing the need for heavy IT/human intervention and creating an easy to use self service platform based on the same technology currently utilized by Google, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn to process terabytes of data at internet speed. This allows us to boast some of the shortest deployment cycles in the industry.

As a Data Service Provider

Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services may take a heavy toll on your mission critical legacy systems.  Most legacy systems do not have the proper architecture to support these demanding uses.  Data Blitz uses data from legacy systems and converts it into responsive, highly available data able to withstand the most demanding web use.

Data Blitz leverages easy to use views, filters and process flows to ensure that the right data is shown to the right people. It is ideal for real time data analytics and web services.  Data Blitz can even synch to data stores on handheld devices.

    • Data Blitz is a product that can be implemented either onsite or in the cloud.
    • Data Blitz allows business users to quickly load and analyze data without IT involvement
    • Data Blitz allows rapid acquisition of disparate data sources, also provides “Gold standard” data management for essential data.
  • Data Blitz has support with many business lines and technologists alike.
      • Business lines can rapidly develop their own KPI without waiting
        for IT
    • IT can focus on core services without burden of limited use work


Quantitative and Qualitative Outcome Tracking

Domain Specific Language

Real-time Data Collection and Analytics

Data Aggregation and Delivery Services

Acquisition Data Merge